• Infractions

    Infraction system.

    To enforce and remind users of the forum rules, we will be utilizing the Infraction system. When a user breaches a rule, an Infraction will be issued relevant to the rule that applies. The system works simlar to a driving license, in that rule breaches result in points being applied to your profile - the more points you have at any one time, the heftier penalties you will face. Points will expire after a set time, depending on what they were allocated for.

    Each Infraction carries a point value. Points result in bans, the legnth depending on quantity of points - ban legths for point total are reflected in the table below. However, some Infractions can be issued as Warnings, which serve as a reminder of the rules but without actually issuing points.

    Points add up if they haven't expired - so for example if you are issued a 1 point Infraction you will receive a 24hr ban. If you then come back and get a 2 point Infraction, that equals 3 points and results in a 48hr ban.

    To see how many points are allocated for each Infraction, see the Rules pages - each rule has an associated point value. This table indicates how point values relates to ban lengths:


    Ban Length


    1 days


    2 days


    3 days


    1 week


    2 weeks


    1 month


    3 months


    6 months



    As said, points will expire after a certain length of time, depending on the reason they were given for. Some points will reset expiry counters, and some add on top of any existing point tally that is currently active.

    When being issued with an Infraction or Warning, users will receive an automated PM detailling the particular rule that was breached, the source thread, and any points that are allocated.

    To check your current Infraction history (along with any active or expired points), view your profile or user settings.