• Novatrader Rules

    Novatrader Rules.

    In addition to the General Forum Rules (here), the Novatrader section has its own, additional, slightly more specific set of rules tailored to the content in this area. Note that the General Forum Rules still apply in here too, and in the same respect these rules apply across the whole forum too.

    Note: Point values refer to the Infraction system. For information on how this works, see here

    1. Links to eBay (including forwarding and item numbers), Pistonheads, Gumtree, and any other online retail or auction site are only permitted in the eBay subforum. These posts will be removed if placed anywhere else.

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    2. Company and trader advertisments are not to be used here (either in posts, in profiles, signatures etc). Contributers of the club are permitted, via banners and some forum usage, although you must pm Lee or email him Lee@pngclub.com to discuss terms and conditions. Until confirmation of this has been announced from Lee these posts will be removed. Traders who use the forum pay to do so, but this does not mean they are affiliated with the club in any way. Disputes with contributers are not the responsibility of PNG or Novaload.

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    3. If you have more than one item please group them in one post, do not list multi posts or they will be removed. Respect for other members selling items should be taken into consideration.

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    NOTE This rule applies at the time of posting. it does not mean you are only allowed ONE thread at a time. The rule is in place purely to stop you taking up the front page of the forum with your own threads, pushing everyone elses back.

    4. Bumping is allowed ONLY if your thread has been active without reply for a 48 hour period. Any Bumps within this timeframe will be removed and your thread will revert to its original position. Repeatedly bumping your thread within a matter of hours will earn your advert being removed and a possible rest from the forum depending on how many times you do it. We consider repeated bumping highly inconsiderate to other users.

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    Bumping refers to bringing your thread to the top of the forum using a word or a smiley which has no relevance to the item you are selling. The rule does not apply to replies to questions or updates regarding your item.

    5. Please state clearly what item/s you are selling and your contact details. The price of the item/s must also be added (biggest complaint is posts with 'offers').

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    6. Respect other users for sale threads. Anyone hijacking them for their own use will be banned without any prior warning as it is the height of rudeness!

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    7. This is a TRADING area, therefore, posts that are not related to the sale of the item / items will be removed, and repeat offenders banned at site staff's discretion.

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    8. Please remember to read threads IN FULL before making your post. If an item has already been sold, there's no point in you asking for pics/postage/prices etc. Sellers - if you wish to close a thread once the item has sold, please PM one of the mod/admin team.

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    9. Members and Forum Users buy and sell using the classifieds section at their own risk with no responsibility or guarantees offered by PNG or Novaload. We provide the means; its up to you to provide the security.
    Bear in mind that some payments (namely paypal's 'gift' option) offer no return on bad sales, so please exercise caution wherever you think its required.

    10. As a specific extension to #18 from the General Forum Rules, we will not tolerate illegal behaviour in the for sale forums - specifically activities such as ringing or obviously advertising a car with falsified ID, undeclared engine conversions or cars with incorrect information on the V5C, sale of illegal or contraband goods, advertising/selling pirated merchandise (or services to that effect), etc. If you're not sure what constitues a legal sale, please contact an admin or mod prior to making your post.

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    NOTE we will actively remove adverts in the 'Cars For Sale' forum where roadgoing vehicles (i.e. taxed) are listed with undeclared engine conversions. If its taxed, it needs to be declared!

    11. As these forums are for selling item/s, it stands to reason that threads are therefore only for sales - "testing the water", "whats it worth" or "may be selling" threads waste everyone's time and are actively moderated.

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    By using the Novatrader section, you agree to abide by the above rules. Any posts or threads found to be in breach of either the above or the General Forum Rules will be removed without notice.

    **NO warnings will be issued, These rules have stood for a very long time in the clearest place possible**