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  1. *HOW TO* Modify a 1.4SR head
  2. *INFO* What makes tyres grip?
  3. *HOW TO* smooth and spray a bumper
  4. *INFO* Nova Line Drawings
  5. *HOW TO* Fit a Gripper diff in a F16 Box
  6. *INFO* Vauxhall/Opel Colour Chart
  7. *HOW TO* Fit Cav / Calibra clocks into a Nova
  8. *INFO* Dans Trackday Guide
  9. Guide to wiring in a rev counter (sri dials)
  10. *HOW TO* Tune your TD
  11. *HOW TO* Fit a 2.0 8v/16v into a Nova
  12. *INFO* Vauxhall engine codes
  13. *HOW TO* Convert Nova Rear Mount for XE/LET Conversion
  14. *HOW TO* Internal Cavalier gear shift
  15. *HOW TO* Rose jointed Linkage
  16. *HOW TO* Wheel Refurb-By Simon P of Mig
  17. *INFO* Tech Article-C20LET Data Sheet(Cr,Fault Codes,Specs etc etc)
  18. *HOW TO* Change a 8v Cam/Lifters WITHOUT removing the head
  19. How To's and FAQ ** RULES **
  20. *INFO* 1.2 8v Tuning Guide
  21. *INFO* 1.4 8v Tuning Guide
  22. *HOW TO* Fit a 1.6 engine and twin 40's
  23. *INFO* Tuning your SPI 8v Engine
  24. *HOW TO* Fit an induction kit to your 1.2/1.4 spi 8v engine
  25. *HOW TO* fit a digi dash into a mk2 nova
  26. *HOW TO* Wire A Four Pin Relay
  27. *HOW TO* Final Drive Swap for an F10/F13 Gearbox
  28. *HOW TO* Poly/Nylon Bush Fitting
  29. *HOW TO* Remove badges.
  30. *HOW TO* Fit a GSi spoiler
  31. *INFO* Useful gearbox info
  32. *INFO* Alloy Wheel Fitments
  33. *HOW TO* Fit a Mk2 dash into a Mk1
  34. *HOW TO* Fit polycarb windows
  35. *HOW TO* Wire a 2ltr Into A Nova
  36. *HOW TO* Fit an F28 to a big block nova
  37. *Info* Usefull part numbers
  38. *HOW TO* Install a quickrack with engine in situ
  39. *HOW TO* Fit 2L 16v/Turbo/V6 front brakes
  40. *INFO* XE Tuning - SBD Link
  41. *HOW TO* Modify and fit a "quick shift" linkage to smaller engines.
  42. *HOW TO* fit a simple rocker switch for hazard lights
  43. *HOW TO* do a DVLA vehicle check
  44. *INFO* Stitch weld,chassis leg mod & plate kit positions *WITH PICS*
  45. *HOW TO* Use the Forum Search
  46. *HOW TO* re-wire your fog and headlights to toggle switches (mk.2 1.2 carb loom)
  47. *HOW TO* Internal fuel lines
  48. *INFO* General information/history of the Nova
  49. *HOW TO* Rear Disc Conversion
  50. *HOW TO* shorten/re-name internet links.
  51. *INFO* engine wiring diagrams
  52. *HOW TO* vauxhall flip key
  53. *HOW TO* Mk2 Hazard Switch Mod
  54. *INFO* Braking/Brakes General Information
  55. *HOW TO* Relocate the battery to the boot
  56. *HOW TO* Megasquirt a Vauxhall engine, with MS2 v3
  57. *INFO* GSI spoiler fitment dimensions
  58. *INFO* Alloy Wheel Fitment Guide (Nova Specific)
  59. *INFO* Weber Jet and Other tech info for Vauxhall Engines
  60. *HOW TO* find out if a vehicle has a valid mot
  61. *HOW TO* C20XE Breather Mod
  62. *HOW TO* Weld in Rear Brace
  63. *HOW TO* Remove a gm steering wheel properly
  64. *HOW TO* Weld in Roll Cage Spreader Plates
  65. *HOW TO* Fit a zx single wiper unit to Nova.
  66. *INFO* badges/decals on EPC
  67. *HOW TO* Log engine change with DVLA
  68. *HOW TO* Post Pictures
  69. *HOW TO* Convert a nova expansion bottle to twin outlet
  70. *INFO* Nova Insurance Groups
  71. *HOW TO* do a wheel refurb
  72. *HOW TO* isuzu td guide to resetting valve clearances
  73. *INFO* Tyre sizes & other codes
  74. *INFO* Welding Guide
  75. *HOW TO* fit a Smallblock XE. (1.4/1.6 16v)
  76. *INFO* Oil / Fluids
  77. *INFO* Selecting the right wheel studs...cheaper way!
  78. *HOW TO* wire up a rocker switch ignition and push button starter
  79. *How To* Replace a Complete Front Panel
  80. *INFO* Nova Dials Template
  81. *HOW TO* Remove rear quarter windows
  82. *INFO* Nova Chassis Measurements
  83. *INFO* Nova / Corsa A option codes
  84. *INFO* 1600 8v Turbo - What I used
  85. *HOW TO* - Rear Headrest Conversion
  86. *HOW TO* Fit Plasma Dials on SR/SRi/GSi dial set
  87. *HOW TO* Remove pin stripes and glue from bodywork
  88. *HOW TO* repair a MK2 Hazard Switch
  89. *INFO* Nova Radiator Info
  90. *HOW TO* remove doors
  91. *HOW TO* take apart and clean c20xe lifters
  92. *HOW TO* Use A Search Engine (google/yahoo etc)
  93. *HOW TO* Remove core plugs
  94. *INFO* Engine spec's and gearbox ratios.
  95. *INFO* Vauxhall brake bias restrictor valve information.
  96. *HOW TO* Change C.v Joint's And C.v Boots.
  97. *INFO* Window Tints
  98. *HOW TO* make a corsa 2.0 linkage.
  99. *HOW TO* remove rust by electrolysis
  100. *HOW TO* remove a 3 door headlining
  101. *HOW TO* remove inner wings
  102. *INFO* motronic system description
  103. *INFO* Insurance Categories
  104. *HOW TO* Blanking off E16SE EGR
  105. *INFO* V5 changes
  106. *INFO* How and why to fit a Oil Catch Tank..
  107. *HOW TO* Wire 1.4 coil
  108. *INFO* Calculating MPG
  109. HOW TO fit a speedo drive to a F10/13/15 Tran-x L.S.D.
  110. VX220 Dash Guide
  111. *INFO* Insurance write off catergory's explained
  112. *INFO* Torque Figures
  113. *HOW TO* Use an Easibleed to bleed the brakes
  114. *HOW TO* Nova Flip Key.
  115. *HOW TO* plastic welding/repair
  116. *HOW TO* c20xe R1 bike carbs
  117. *INFO* vauxhall engine info
  118. * INFO * Pedal box set-up and adjustment and bedding in procedures
  119. Total Closure
  120. *HOW TO* Jimbo's How to get rid of runs..
  121. *INFO* how to tell F13 ratio's
  122. *HOW TO* Refurbish brake calipers / 308mm brakes on a Meriva/ Corsa C
  123. HOW TO: Fit a secondary rear ARB on a Nova beam
  124. How To 5 Stud your Nova.
  125. *HOW TO* make your own centre caps
  126. Electrical issues found when fitting a larger engine in a 1.0
  127. * INFO * C20 LET vacuum hose layout
  128. HOW TO Big block hubs with machined hubs/knuckles
  129. *how to *GTE/GSi Side Skirt Fitting
  130. How to Sand Blast a C20XE, LET etc Engine Block
  131. *HOW TO* Measurements for reproducing rear mudflap support brackets
  132. *HOW TO* Make a three bolt big block rear mount.
  133. *how to* paint
  134. *how to* prep and prime plastic bumpers
  135. *HOW TO* Replace heater control bulbs
  136. How to colour change an Astra Digi dash and add LED lighting
  137. *INFO* F16/F20 Quaife SCCR rebuild (covers general gearbox stuff too)
  138. *HOW TO* Solid mounts on an XE in a Nova
  139. *HOW TO* Convert F20 to Cable Shift - F17 Turret (Morse Cable Bulk Buy)
  140. *HOW TO* Corsa brake servo setup
  141. Nova/Corsa upper column bearing