So i have a z20ler in my corsa b, it has a ttv billet flywheel based on the z20let solid flywheel and is bolted to an f20. I was running a late xe pot clutch in it but it has started to slip at higer rpms after i went to vxr components on the engine. It worked fine for 3k with that setup but needed somthing to handle the power so i didn't end up roasting the flywheel with it slipping. I bought a cg motorsports clutch with a c20let cover and an f20 drive plate however now im struggling to get the clutch to disengage. It initially broke the cable when first fitted so i renewed it and now im able to just about get it to disengage but I've had to wind the cable all the way up and the pedal is silly high. Does this sound like the wrong selection of components? Or have i been an idiot and missed something. Any input appreciated cheers