• December 2008

    Simon 1867



    PNG Region

    South East

    PNG Region

    1983 1.2L (1.3SR Replica)

    Engine & Transmission

    • Standard 1.2 engine with 4 speed box

    Suspension & Chassis

    • Front GMAX dampers and rear 60mm lowering springs

    Wheels & Brakes

    • SR Alloys 3spoke on Michelin tyres

    Exterior & Bodywork

    • Mocca Brown with black doors bottoms
    • snowplough front
    • wrap around spoiler


    • Standard MK1 dash, cream carpets and door cards, brown and cream seats


    • Standard factory fitted Sharp radio

    Additional Info

    How long have you owned the car?

    I have owned it for 8 years.

    How/Why did you buy the car in the first place?

    It was my mums car before me she sold it to me when I passed my test at 17.

    Whats your favourite aspect or modifcation of the car?

    To be honest I like the whole car, but I do love sitting inside and feelling like im back in the 80's feels very retro. Also im very proud of rebuilding the engine form top to bottom. I did this to learn as much as I could. Its nice to drive the car and not seeing many others around, so that could be a favourite aspect.

    Is the car a daily drive, or do you keep it for special occasions?

    Between the ages of 17-19 was my daily drive, but now is tucked away for sunny days

    Looking back, would you have done anything differently?

    I think maybe not boy racering it up when I was younger, as now I think it looks different and fantastic....but thats just my opinion.