• October 2008




    PNG Region



    Yellow Nova Saloon

    Engine & Transmission

    • 993cc (1.0) OHV 10S with Weber 32TL carburettor - 33kW (45bhp) @ 5400rpm, 68Nm torque between 2600 & 3800
    • Standard throughout including exhaust
    • Front-wheel drive, 4 speed gearbox F10/4

    Suspension & Chassis

    • Avo Coilovers front & rear
    • Front & rear Anti-roll bars with front Poly ARB bushes.

    Wheels & Brakes

    • Cavalier Expression 6x15 inch alloy wheels with 195x45 tyres.
    • 2.0 16v front brakes
    • Standard rear drums
    • DOT 4 brake fluid

    Exterior & Bodywork

    • 1987 Nova Saloon 2-door Base model
    • Repainted Jamaican Yellow
    • Early bumper/grill with Zender front valance
    • Boot lid de-locked
    • Rear number plate mounted via bumper iron
    • Passenger door mirror added


    • Nova GTE front seats, retrimmed in tweed similar to standard rear seats.
    • Headrests removed from front seats
    • GTE door cards trimmed in matching tweed
    • GTE door card cappings and GTE inner quarter panel cards
    • A & B pillars trimmed in cloth, parcel shelf also trimmed in cloth
    • MK1 SR clocks and dials with working rev counter
    • Early SR Steering wheel
    • Internal boot release handle.


  • Alpine CDA-9847R Head unit mounted in glove box
  • Kenwood KFC-6970ie 6x9's
  • Blaupunkt BGx 402 HP 100mm front speakers in dash
  • Rockford Fosgate Punch Amp & 12" subs
  • Stinger wiring
  • Additional Info

    What or who has been your inspiration?

    Initially it was the early Nova SR as I liked the 1-piece grill & snowplow front, but then I just went with peoples comments and ideas. I wanted an original Nova colour but one that stood out and was quite popular. Also went with the less is more approach and was trying to make the car look it’s age, whilst keeping it tidy and clean.

    Who has been the greatest help to you throughout the project?

    Has to be Graham McCabe, the guy who painted the car. Had I not been so confident in him, the project may not have been started.

    Be honest - did you have a budget, and did you stick to it?!

    No budget; I knew how much it would cost to paint and how much the seats would cost to re-trim, everything else was a case of “Is it worth it?”. The coilovers were the most expensive parts not initially thought to be required, but I wanted it as low as it would go and didn’t want any old rubbish either. Just worked harder to raise the money required.

    Any mods on the car make it to the Bodging Hall Of Fame?

    If you count the boot realease as a bodge! But other than that everything else was done to perfection. Some may disagree in that I should have painted the inside of the car.

    Your best moment with the car was...

    Arriving in Fort William at 6.30am one morning having knocked half an hour off the expected journey time. The car was riddled with dead things, but it took me back to the days when I’d blast up there in the P1 just for breakfast then blast back down.