• March 2008


    Engine & Transmission

    • Standard 993cc engine with 45485 miles from new
    • New water pump, oil filter, plugs, leads etc
    • 4 speed F10/4 Gearbox

    Suspension & Chassis

    • Lowered 60mm
    • Gmax Suspension Kit

    Wheels & Brakes

    • Speedline Mistrals
    • 194/45/r15 Champiro Tyres

    Exterior & Bodywork

    • GSi Front Bumper
    • GSi Skirts, Spoiler
    • Euro Rear Light Conversion
    • GSi Window Surounds
    • Peco 4" Flame Tipped Exhaust
    • Vauxhall Headlight Protectors
    • Clear Side Repeters
    • Top Tinted windscreen
    • Standard Nova Ariel Fitted
    • De-badged


    • Standard Rear Seats and Door Cards
    • Rear Headrest Conversion
    • Mk1 SR Front Seats
    • GSi Front Door Cappings
    • Center Console with Electric Window Switches
    • Astra GTE Digital Dash
    • Astra 5 Speed Gearknob
    • GSi Steering Wheel
    • Standard Nova Rubber Mats
    • Various PNG Stickers


    • Sony CDX-S22 CD Player
    • Ripspeed Green Enclosed Sub
    • SPLX Amplifier

    Additional Info

    My little nova started out life as a totally bog standard, old and used 1L vauxhall nova, it had originally been in a scrapyard on the pile, but someone saved her and asked for it to be made driveable, so on went a huge set of alloys, a cheap exhaust and other bodge job bits. the car was then driven about for about 3 months, then stolen.

    The car was then recovered to our impound garage, where it then sat, helplessly for about 2 months, i was dying to buy her. but i just had to wait. then came the day, the 7th January 2007. she was finally mine. my 3rd nova, little did i know at this point that the nova would turn into an obsession.

    The first jobs on the nova to sort were the theft damage items, such as steering colum, door locks, and the bent door. Once they were sorted i set about spending my ?600 i had onto her.

    One of the first modifications i did was a gsi steering wheel, this was then followed by some sr clocks, and then a set of new rear lights, this was then folowed with a set of 15" speedline mistrals wrapped in 195/50/r15 rubber that i bought for ?30! I then fitted a sri boot and i removed the side stripe from the side.I then fitted some gsi wing mirrors to make it look less poverty. Then i fitted some mk1 sr front seats and some rear headrests. I then fitted a full set of gsi window surrounds with a little help from Kev Woolf at work. She stayed like this for a while as funds were low.

    Then once i got some money from my birthday, i took a trip to PVS07, which i brought back some goodies such as a digital dash, gsi skirts and a -60mm lowering kit. Once i was back home i fitted these asap. This then gave me real motivation towards the car, so i cracked on with it, working overitime just for afew extra £'s. I then fitted a very nice exhaust to it that i got from a scrap corsa at work. i then fitted a honda jazz rear wiper that i got off a wrote off honda jazz, and then a euro fog light. I then found that the 50 profile tyres liked to touch the arches, so i upgraded to some 45's, this problem was then sorted. The car then remained like this for abit due to school commitments and holidays etc.

    Around october last year i purchased some mk2 headlight protectors and fitted them, i then purchased a mk1 bonnet from the scrapyard where i got so much discount i got it for free. I then fitted this to find that it was bent at the top, thankfully my dad managed to bend it back using a old "mechanics" trick. I then got a yet again free item from the scrappers, a windscreen out of a saloon with abit of a shallower blue top sunshine tint than a gsi, i fitted this to the nova with a little help from my uncle.Then my thought turned to security, i invested in a high quality alarm, aswell as an immobiliser kit, these were both fitted my me and my mate Ashley at work, the same day i fitted a astra diesel 5 speed gearknob. Then about october i finally found myself a grey gsi front bumper that i had been after since i bought her for ?80. I then fitted this only to find the iron was knackered as it had been fitted to a mk1, after some swapping bits over she was finally on.

    I then fitted a gsi grill badge given to me from carl. Then i added some cavalier sun visors and some gsi door cappings. Then my thoughts turned to the engine. Me and my dad fitted a new water pump, oil filter, plugs, leads, changed the oil and flushed the whole engine system out. I then added some standrad nova rubber mats, a standard nova ariel as my old one was a universal item. She then went for her mot afew weeks ago and passed with no advisorys.

    She is now all set to attend the Performance Nova Group stand at PVS08.