• February 2008


    Engine & Transmission


    • Standard C14SE
    • Courtney Sport Panel Filter
    • Ashley Exhaust System
    • Ashley Four Branch Manifold


    • F15 5speed Box

    Suspension & Chassis

    • Lowered 60mm
    • Gmax Suspension Kit

    Wheels & Brakes


    • Speedline Allesio 2's
    • Finished in a One off Mixed Grey


    • V6 Front Brakes
    • Astra GSi Rear Disk Beam
    • Grooved and Drilled Disks

    Exterior & Bodywork

    • Breeze Blue
    • Full GSi Kit In One Off Mixed Grey
    • Headlight Protectors
    • Astra GSi Washer Jets
    • Honda Jazz Rear Wiper
    • Storm Single Wiper with 306 Rear Wiper Arm
    • Euro Rear Light Twin Fog
    • SRi Decals and Grille Badge(gsi styled)
    • De-handled and De-locked


    • Full GSi Trim (inc dash doorcards)
    • Nova antibes blue carpet
    • Momo corse steering wheel
    • Rear headrest Conversion
    • Novavan Boot Panel Painted Black

    Additional Info

    My nova was bought by my girlfriend in sept 06 as a second car.

    After 3 months and only using it twice i decided to sell everything i own to buy it she came up with the idea of letting me have it as half my birthday present which worked out perfect to ease the funding.

    As soon as it was officailly mine i sourced the blue carpet the gsi trim and bumpers. Unsure on what colour to do the bumpers i decided to go grey and so they did and what a transformation.

    I hated the wheels so i asked my brother if i could have his speedlines as he wouldnt be using them anymore and he said yes(thanks aidi) so he painted them the same colour as the bumpers.

    On a forum rolling road day it produced less power than standard so off i went to get a full ashley system and a 4 branch manifold. awesome sound and much better power gain on the next rolling road day.

    Then came all the other little bits v6 brakes, lowering it a tad, handles well stops bang on inc the rear disk beam. ive now owned it 12months and it still turns heads and the ammount of people who ask if im selling it gets on my wick.

    This year is going to be the year it has to come of the road it is showing signs of age and im on the route for as many genuine panels as i can. im getting the shell galvanised and everything replaced and hopefully she will be good for another 15 years

    Thanks for voting for my nova png club members it is much appreiciated