• PVS 11th June 2016

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    After last years mild stress/stand share with MIG, we are going to get on it FAST!

    The show is Sunday 12th June 2016 (camping etc from the 11th)

    The club booking opens on the 11th December 2015

    I would like to place (the first) order as soon as sodding possible. I believe that we can make additional orders but cannot guarantee stand spaces etc.

    They are saying the advance public entry is £18 for the Sunday and a "Weekend ticket" being £25 inc camping... This leads me to believe that the Club prices would be similar to last year of £15 per person and £5-10 camping.
    Depending on the take up and the cost, we will asses the "discount" like we did for 2015.... Cant make any promises though.
    Will also ask for a Tarmac spot, mainly due to Merris being a cripple (and more to the point, a moany old woman)

    What we ask (I know its the wrong time of year but hey) is for a deposit of £5 per person and we will then order enough entry/stand tickets for circa 45 cars. This will be the starting point and hopefully we can add more later next year.

    We ask for a £5 deposit to secure your ticket.

    Please see the thread in Events booking for more details etc
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    1. 4ndyr's Avatar
      4ndyr -
      Would like to get my 2 door loon on stand if possible
    1. trossnova's Avatar
      trossnova -
      Would like to get my loon on stand as well please
    1. Stuart's Avatar
      Stuart -
      Booking thread is in the events section of the members area