So I brought a corsa B dash & loom to go in the nova (following the success of Joff) but mainly as I have had an intermittent wiring issue that has caused issues with the indicators, weird noises and intermittent loss of engine (C20XE) on load. Likely wont use the dash but I want to use the wiring loom.

My nova is a 1984 model so the loom is very old, so I thought great get a corsa one, cut it up / sort a few wiring plugs, a lot of solder and I have a newer loom with less issues.

However on checking I noticed the loom has the transponder connections, which would be for the Corsa immobiliser, which I wont need with the C20XE as I wont be using the Corsa ECU (as I don't have it) but I don't want to start this mammoth task without checking I wont get lots of issues, i.e. like starting issues etc. all the other connections look pretty similar and I know my way around a wiring diagram so I am thinking if I chop out the ecu wiring from the loom and mate up the C20XE I should be in a good place as the immobiliser wiring should only effect the engine ECU?