• February 2012

    Pistol Pete



    PNG Region



    Nova 1992

    Engine & Transmission

    • C20XE
    • Irmscher powercap
    • Coscast head ported and polished
    • lightened and balanced bottom end
    • pistons with cut outs ready for high lift cams when my budget allows!
    • ITG induction kit
    • Magnex S/S system
    • standard 4 branch manifold
    • Baliey header tank
    • Roose hoses
    • polished rocker cove and cam cover

    Suspension & Chassis

    • GAZ coilovers
    • polybushes all round
    • no F/ARB

    Wheels & Brakes

    • Smiths Rio 15" with Nankang (!) 195/45/15 tyres
    • Astra GTE 16v brakes
    • rear disc conversion

    Exterior & Bodywork

    • Full repaint in Breeze blue
    • GSi bumpers and side skirts in unknown Vauxhall grey
    • little touches here and there...not a lover of gash bodykits!


    • Custom blue alcantara/black leatherette seats
    • antibes blue carpet
    • custom roof lining
    • otherwise GSi items.


    • The growl of a C20XE LOL

    Additional Info

    History of the car

    ought back in 2001 (i think) tracked at castle combe a few times, took it off the road to do a few tweaks...got bored and 10years later here is the end product. Nearly didnt happen on various occcasions, garage caught fire in may '08, then big bike accident in june '08...but i keot at it bit by bit.

    Thanks & Shouts

    Thanks to all fellow PNGers for advice and encouragement, mates for helping with bodywork engine etc.

    WIP thread