• September 2008




    PNG Region



    1992 Vauxhall Nova SR

    Engine & Transmission

    • C20XE Dizzyless engine.
    • Custom full stainless system 2boxes 3inch inwardly rolled rear pipe.
    • Block painted black with silver core plugs
    • Polished sump with Ecotech baffle plate inc rubber seal
    • Power cap
    • RamAir air filter
    • Wiring loom rerouted and hidden
    • Hidden dispac amp
    • Dispac mount polished and chromed
    • Stainless bolts
    • Chrome lifting hooks
    • Arden blue rockers cover and cambelt cover
    • Chrome spark plug cover
    • Water pipes rerouted and hidden with chrome inserts
    • Header tank hidden
    • ...All in a smoothed engine bay with custom scuttle cover.

    Suspension & Chassis

    • Gaz coilovers front and rear
    • GSi rear anti roll bar painted silver
    • Disc rear beam painted black with silver calipers
    • All new track rods and ball joints
    • Cav turbo front brakes
    • Front polished sparco strut brace
    • Welded in rear brace.

    Wheels & Brakes

    • Polished Cav turbo wheels with custom center caps
    • Silver wheel nut covers
    • Blue dice valve covers
    • Bumper coloured grey Cav turbo wheels for the winters
    • Wrapped in 195/45/16 Yokohama A359s

    Exterior & Bodywork

    • Semi bare shell repaint inside and out in Vauxhall Arden blue
    • New rear arches
    • Replacement bonnet
    • Replacement passenger door
    • Door locks smoothed
    • Fuel filler cap relocated to door shut and smoothed with custom filler cap
    • Chrome door catches and pins
    • Custom vented front wings with custom recessed mk4 Astra side repeaters
    • Arial hole smoothed
    • All window trims and wiper arms and door handles painted
    • Boot grab/handle delocked smoothed and painted
    • De-wiper'ed boot
    • Rear bumper painted
    • Front bumper number plate recess removed and painted in a metallic grey to match trims and rear bumper
    • Inner arches painted bodycolour blue
    • Underside floor painted black
    • New headlights and indicators with orange cups removed for a cleaner look
    • HID converted
    • Tinted rear German lights with modified lighting pattern for separate brake and tail lights
    • Mk2 astra electric mirrors
    • Spare wheel well removed
    • New wind screen


    • Full GSi interior
    • Speakers hidden behind modified door cards
    • Rear headrest conversion
    • MDF stealth shelf
    • Black flocked pillar trims
    • Custom made black velor headlining
    • Omega elec sunroof conversion
    • Heated seat switches fitted for entertainment system functions
    • All blue Led lit switches
    • Vauxhall Nova rubbers mats front and rear.


  • Kenwood head unit
  • M-Station in-car hard drive (power switch is the heated seat switch)
  • Kenwood 6 inch front components speakers in doors with Kenwood 6x9 in mdf shelf
  • All new speaker cabling
  • Additional Info

    How long have you had the car?

    I got the car in 2001 - so about 8 years-ish.

    What future plans do you have?

    Do you really wanna ask? LOL I have a lot of plans. New bonnet and grille with painted slats, repaint engine bay with more bits removed and smoothed, hidden wiper motor, engine out when working on bay to do a few gaskets and paint and clean it, hand pull front wings more, new doors with new door handles, re-smooth and add number plate lights in to grab handle, de-number plate light the rear bumper, get side skirts fitted, finish painting under side, better front brakes new brakes lines, make it lower. All i can think of at the mo.

    Whats your favourite aspect or modification of the car?

    Couldn't say, so many things i like. I love all the small details, they for me are what makes cars. Things like the relocated filler cap, recessed side repeaters, the de-recessed front bumper and other smoothing.

    Do all your friends/family/coworkers think you're mad for driving a Nova?

    Friends no, most drive Vauxhalls and do them up too, so share my love with cars. My dad loves the car but it does scare him... LOL

    Coworkers.. Most of them like it but do laugh at times.. and think I'm crazy for wanting it lower. But love what I've done with it and how clean i keep it.

    How/Why did you buy the car in the first place?

    After my nova got written off the day it was put back on the road with a XE fitted, i spent weeks looking for a clean nova, couldn't find any novas at all for sale (when you're looking for one there's none about). My self and best mate Dan went and looked at the few that were for sale (cheers for the roadtrips) and found a lot of rusty knackered ones. This one popped up just up the road and was cheap and quite well looked after (1k spend on the engine after the head gasket went, but i didn't have the heart to say i was ripping the engine out) so i ended up with a red SR, even tho i didn't want a red one LOL

    Thanks & Shouts

    Dan Silvester thanks for all the help over the years(Astra Dan on mig), Sharon Silvester, Pete Andrews (pitstoppete from mig) Byron (from mig) Station bodyshop in Fareham 01329 852472,Hi-pole metal polishers, Every one on Mig thats helped, everyone on PNG thats helped, and of course my dad who bought me my first nova.