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  2. Modified Novas, Breaking for Spares
  3. Nova GSi Engine - Modified and Very Quick
  4. 9 sets of alloy wheels 14", 15", 16" and 17"
  5. Lots of sets of Alloy Wheels - Various Sizes
  6. Breaking For Spares - Various Modified Novas
  7. Corsa GSi C16XE Engine and Gearbox
  8. COSCAST C20XE with MTEC Powercap, F20 etc.
  9. Nova GSi and other modified Novas - Breaking
  10. C20XE Driveshafts and Hubs, H&R Coilovers & More
  11. 15" Mille Miglias, 17" Leagues and some cheap 14" Alloys
  12. 308mm Front Brake Kit (Under 10 miles old)
  13. Competition Disc Brake Rear Beam (Uprated)
  14. Kent AST1 Cam, Vernier Pulley, 32/34 DMTL, 4 into 1 Manifold
  15. MAGNEX Stainless Steel Full Exhaust System
  16. C20XE on Jenvey T.B's/DTA/QED/ARP - NO RESERVE
  17. 15" Mille Miglias and 17" Khans (ET45)
  18. Corsa Race or Rally Rolling Shell
  19. Modified Nova GSi - Breaking, All Parts Available
  20. 16" Team Dynamics and excellent tyres
  21. Nova Parts - All Sorts, including 2.0 16v
  22. Nova GSi Front Bumper, Safety Devices Roll Cage and more
  23. Breaking 2.0 8v and 2.0 16v Novas
  24. Safety Devices Roll Cage, Alloy Header Tank and more
  25. Cavalier GSi Alloys 15"/Team Dynamics 16"
  26. Throttle Bodied C20XE, Wide Arch Kit, Roll Cage
  27. More Novas Breaking For Spares
  28. Complete C20XE Conversion Kit for Nova ?500
  29. MAGNUM Side Mounted Bucket Seats
  30. FK Coilovers, MPS Roll Cage, Strut Braces, Harnesses, Buckets
  31. 15" OZ Racing Motorsport Wheels ET49
  32. Harness, Buckets, STACK dash, ARP bolts, Race/Rally Bits
  33. Breaking Several Modified Novas (including 2 litres)
  34. C20LET Engine - Complete £1000
  35. F16 Gearbox with Quaife ATB LSD
  36. Nova and race/track bits on EBAY
  37. Another Nova arriving tomorrow
  38. Breaking 6 Novas For Spares - Most Parts Available
  39. Nova Parts (May be able to deliver to PVS)
  40. Nova Parts - May be able to deliver to Billing
  41. 2.0 16v Fitting Kit - most parts NEW! (also track and rally bits)
  42. Novas Breaking - including 2 track 1600cc, and a Nova rally car
  43. 4 Novas being weighed in for scrap - SOON!!
  44. Quaife Sequential Gearbox
  45. Nova Track Day Car - 1600, Twin 40's, Perspex, Cage
  46. Nova race/rally/track bits on EBAY - Engine, Perspex, Buckets
  47. Novas Breaking for spares
  48. SBD Throttle Bodies 1400cc 16v, MBE ECU
  49. C20XE Engine Mount and Gearbox Spacer Kit - BRAND NEW
  50. Brian James Car Trailer - Superb Condition, Lots of Extras
  51. Hillclimb/Sprint or Race/Rally Nova Rolling Shell
  52. Nova Rally/Race/Track Parts - Top Quality stuff
  53. Just arrived - 2.0 16v Nova for breaking ICE install (with pics)
  54. 2.1 litre 16v Nova with ICE - Breaking for spares
  55. Breaking Nova 1600 Track Car, Webers, Buckets etc.
  56. Breaking Nova C20XE Track Car, Cage, Buckets etc.
  57. Nova Bits on EBAY for Xmas
  58. Disc Braked Nova Rear Beam + extras - £100 (can deliver)
  59. Lots of Nova modifying bits, including C20XE stuff
  60. Breaking this 2.1 litre Nova 16v
  61. Nova Race Car (Rolling Shell, NO ENGINE)
  62. Brand New Genuine Gm Panels
  63. Interesting Nova Bits on EBAY
  64. H&R Front and Rear Anti Roll Bars - Huge Diameter
  65. Compomotive MO's, 6x15, ET49 with Track Tyres
  66. Photos of Nova Parts I have for sale.........
  67. Breaking Nova Race/Rally Car
  68. Breaking this Nova - Wide Arched
  69. Roll Cage (FIA Approved), OMP Strut Brace & More
  70. Wilwood 4 pot front brake kit - 280mm
  71. Side Exit Exhaust System & More....
  72. Another Wide Arch Nova Breaking For Spares
  73. Safety Device Roll Cage, Sabelts, Quick Shift + More
  74. Supercharged MR2 Race Car
  75. Nova Race or Track Day Car (Rolling Shell, NO ENGINE)
  76. Aeroquip brake and fuel pipes, + more
  77. Any Parts Requests for the PNG Day?
  78. Bias Pedal Box, Bilsteins, Magnex & More
  79. C20XE Nova Conversion (Coscast) - £550
  80. Lots of nice bits on EBAY - Throttle Bodied Engines, Stubby Mirrors + More
  81. Jenvey Throttle Bodied 2.0 8v - Going Cheap
  82. Nova Race/Rally Wide Track, Wide Arch Project
  83. Nova C20XE Complete Conversion Kit £600
  84. Ebay Nova & Track Car Clearout Sale
  85. Coilover Kit (Almost New) with alloy top mounts
  86. Novas Breaking For Spares (and an Astra GTE)
  87. SBD Type A Exhaust Manifold for C20XE
  88. C20XE on Jenvey Throttle Bodies and MBE
  89. 2 Nova Shells Being Scrapped This Week
  90. F20 with QUAIFE ATB LSD - £500
  91. SPAX RSX Coilovers/Bucket Seats/Harnesses
  92. Breaking Mk.1 Nova SR
  93. MAGNEX Full Stainless Steel Exhaust System
  94. Black Wide Arched Nova (Rolling Shell) + Extras
  95. STACK Digital Dash Display System
  96. SPARCO Pro 2000 Buckets and Side Mounts
  97. Enormous Parts Clearance Sale - Everything Nova
  98. TOYO R888 Track Tyres - BRAND NEW + Quaife Q/R, Strut Brace & More
  99. 2.0 8v Nova, Breaking For Spares
  100. Breaking 2 x C20XE Novas (Good Spec. Cars)
  101. Coilover Kit - £102
  102. SABELT Seats and Harnesses, Poly Bushes (NEW)
  103. 13" Minilite Alloys with Slicks - WIDE! (and cheap)
  104. Breaking Nova 2 Door Saloon Track Day Car
  105. Nova Rally Car and lots of race/rally/track bits
  106. OMP Deep dish Suede Steering Wheel with Nova boss
  107. MAGNUM Side Mount Bucket Seats and TRS Harnesses
  108. C20XE on Jenvey Throttle Bodies and MBE ECU
  109. Cheap Mk.4 Astra Rally Car - Rolling Shell
  110. Cheap track day/race/rally parts (OMP, STACK, Corbeau, Irmscher etc)
  111. Cobra Evolution Seats, Magnex system and more Nova stuff
  112. Set of Speedline Alessios
  113. C20XE Track Car, Sparco Alloy Strut Brace, Alessios
  114. Car Trailer, Speedlines, GSi Front Bumper
  115. Nova Rally Car Rolling Shell - Cage, Perspex and more
  116. AP RACING 295mm 4 pot brake kit - COMPLETE
  117. XE Engine, 230bhp, Steel Rods, Omex, Cocast, TB's
  118. XE Engine on 45 Webers, Omega Pistons + More
  119. Quaife F20 SCCR Gearbox with ATB LSD
  120. Hi-Spec 4 Pot Kit, Simpson Race XE Manifold & More
  121. Cavalier Race/Track Car Rolling Shell
  122. Bilstein Coilovers, XE Race Manifold, STACK tacho
  123. Nova Rally Car Rolling Shell - Wide Track, Wide Arched
  124. Strut Brace, Perspex Windows & More
  125. Hi-Spec XE Engine, Steel Rods, Jenvey TB's - 237bhp
  126. SBD Manifold, Carbon Lamp Pod, Trailer and more
  127. ZF LSD, Wilwood Superlite 4 Pot Kit
  128. Bucket Seats, Harnesses, STACK dash + Loads More
  129. Wide Arch Rallycross Bodykit, Recaro Seat and 13" Revolution RFX's
  130. Poly Bushes, Uniballs, Facet Pump, Compomotives
  131. Quaife F10 SCCR Gearbox & Plate LSD / Harnesses
  132. Nova Tank Guard, 15" Revolution RFX Wheels & More
  133. 99p Start Price Nova Bits
  134. Car Trailer, Vernier Pulley, Illuminated Mirror Sunvisors & More
  135. Semi-Spaceframe Nova Rallycross/Track Rolling Shell
  136. LEDA dampers, Wilwood 4-pots, Corsa XR head, alloy fuel cap
  137. One-Piece Front End for a Nova - RARE!! And lots of other stuff
  138. GAZ coilovers, strut braces, Bilsteins and lots more to come........
  139. GPA Driveshaft Nuts, Recaro Seat, Alloy Top Mounts & More
  140. Westfield 1300cc X-Flow, Hillclimb/Sprint/Track Car. Nice Spec. with spares
  141. Janspeed Exhaust, Qucik Shift and lots more
  142. Strut Brace, Tilton brake valve, Hydraulic Handbrake + lots more
  143. Janspeed Exhaust, Snap-Off boss, Competition engine mounts, Facet pump and lots more
  144. Bias Adjustable Brake Pedal Box & More To Follow.......
  145. 4 Branch Manifolds (Smallblock) 8v and 16v Engines
  146. All sorts of interesting race/rally/track stuff
  147. BTEC Racing Corsa Redtop Throttle Bodied Track Car (Sleeper)
  148. Ultimate Small Block N/A Engine for a Nova? 214bhp
  149. Bias Pedal Box, Alloy Strut Brace, Webers Inlet Manifold, Harness etc.
  150. Corsa B Rolling Shell with T45 Welded in roll cage + loads more
  151. RACE TECHNOLOGY DASH 2 - Digital Dash Display system
  152. Full Bolt-In Roll Cage, Door Bars and Removable Diagonal
  153. Very nice Full Safety Devices Multipoint Roll Cage
  154. Rather nice Redtop motor on QED DTH TB's, cams, DTA management and more
  155. Assorted 99p parts on EBAY
  156. Opel Horn Push and 4.5 Crownwheel and Pinion
  157. More EBAY Bits for Novas and motorsport
  158. EBAY Stuff - Workshop Equipment, Nova stuff, Lupo race car and a lot more
  159. WILWOOD 4-Pot Brake Kit for Nova
  160. Corsa VXR Turbo Engine/Mk.1 GTE Rear Spoiler
  161. Mk.2 Fiesta XR2 Race or Track Car
  162. Nova and Motorsport stuff for sale on EBAY
  163. Weber 40 DCOE Carbs and Inlet Manifold for Nova
  164. 1400cc Nova Track Day or Rally Car - Lots of modifications, lots of potential
  165. FAO NEW/OLD - PNg Club Contributors -UPDATE
  166. BCDevelopments GOPRO camera hire
  167. Fao Colin smith Novarally