Since being off the scene for a good 10 years it seems as though when it comes to parts, some things have changed. Cav turbo 284mm calipers seem to be harder to come by and likely more expensive (if I ever came across a pair), and now that I'm looking for larger brakes for the project I'm contemplating what to go for.

I have a friend who may be upgrading his VXR brakes (343mm x 28), and I know he'd happily hand them down to me if I wanted them.

Question is fitting them, I assume they're not direct fit & they'd need some adaptor plates as well as either 5 stud hubs/suitably sized 4 stud discs/modified discs etc?

Failing this would 308mm Astra G GSi brakes be a direct fit or again require an adaptor to be made up? Whatever I choose they will sit behind 17" rims and from what I've been reading online they [343mm] will fit behind 17s.

Need to update my out of date knowledge, so any info would be helpful