It's appeared on here before:

Car Make: Vauxhall
Car Model: Nova
Engine Size: 1.4
Registration Year: 1992
Mileage: 13231 (it's gone round the clock)

Description: Not "standard", and not "mint"
Bastardised J-plate 1992 SRi with all the usual extras of the time, Astra GTE brakes, turbo, roll cage, hard as nails suspension.
Full very detailed list is in that other thread.

It comes with:
-two boxes of "stuff". Spares, bits Ive taken off over the years, and bits I never put on it.
-the rear seats which I removed to fit the roll cage. These also have the inserts fitted for three rear head rests. Few did. This also comes with that full set of head rests. This does mean you could potentially flog a a full set of good condition seats!
-Two doors (one n/s, one o/s), one hatchback door, all in white, and very good condition. These were all kept as "just in case" spares.

It is currently taxed, tested, and very operational.

Price: 5000
Location: Sheffield
Contact Details: Chris, 07721 384077

Unlike the cool kids Ive not got a photobucket account, so I stashed all the pictures on my google drive:

For those who can't be arsed to read a different thread for the spec:
Engine - built by Noble Motorsport, Chesterfield
1369cc four in line (Whats unfortunate is the number of dopey half wits who see it at a show and immediately say its a 2litre!)
Hybrid T2 turbo conversion
Tough ridden crank (cooked for 3 days to harden it)
Uprated crank shells
Bespoke pistons (1 off set)
Bespoke conrods
Wire ringed head and block
Hi-flow oil pump
Oil cooler
Honda stretch bolts + nuts
Lowered compression ratio (was 10:1 as SRi, now 8:1)
Bored and flowed head (Courtenay CS15 spec)
Switchable anti-lag (yes.... its very offensive on the ears!)
Anti-lag throttle bypass valve (to force it to misfire on anti-lag)
High/low boost control valve
Hi-torque Kent cam
Kent Cam vernier pulley
Increased fuel pressure regulator
Bailey motorsport dump valve
All silicone hoses
K&N filter
One off intercooler set into bottom cross member
2litre injectors (from Vx 2litre engine)
Omex rally engine management system
Standard OE gearbox

Weitec fully adjustable coil-overs + adjustable shockers (on all four)
Astra GTE front disk calipers
Full Astra GTE rear disk brake system
Astra GTE handbrake system
Goodridge braided hoses
EBC Greenstuff pads all round
EBC Spotties disks all round
Dare RLS 15" wheels (for accelerational purposes)
4x Toyo 888 SG (Everyone MUST experience these at least once in their life!)
Seam welded engine bay

Front and rear wings pulled out (yes even more than standard, to allow for the very square shoulders of Toyo 888s!)
Wingmirror mounted repeaters
Kingdom Bigmouth front bumper
Quad Conversions rear bumper + lights
BAT Motorsport sideskirts
36 pressed vents (NOT done at Cool (small) Louvres)
Painted black, grey stripes sprayed on and laquer coated

All paint and bodywork carried out by Phil Bramhall @ Bramhalls Autobodies, Sheffield.