Why change it

Steering column upper has play but lower does not.

Parts required

One upper bearing, part number 90334860

How to

Remove the steering wheel/boss and remove the spring.

Locate the white retaining clips top and bottom and prise them out with a flathead screwdriver.

They just pop out like this:

Once the clips are removed, you can twist the switch housing anticlockwise and pull it towards you, see the groove here:

With it removed, you can see the bearing and washer however it cannot come out from the front:

These two metal retaining clips need to be removed, simply pull them out with pliers from the front:

They look like this, with the tab bit sitting inside the bearing groove:

The bearing is finally held in with plastic springs, so remove them and hold them out the way with a cut up card or similar:

This gives the bearing a clear route to come out of the rear:

The bearing just drops out without any force at this point. Important - keep the washer:

To refit, simply push the new bearing in from behind and allow it to clip into place. Refit the metal clips, careful not to bend them by forcing them in.

Refit the housing to the column, push back in the white clips.

Important: Refit the washer and spring, this loads the bearing and keeps it tight.