29-03-04, 12:49 AM
this is the guide on how to fit a turbo diesel dump valve,

Parts: -
12v roller arm microswitch - ?1.49 from maplins
wiring (speaker wire is ok)
T-piece to go in vacuum pipe (i think 8mm O/D) - about ?2.00 from halfords
T-piece for boost pipe ?30 from any tuning place
dump valve or blow off valve
solenoid valve - found on mondeo TD & escort TD
some pipe suitable for going between vacuum pipe t-piece & vacuum pipe
some pipe suiable for going between T-piece, solenoid valve and dump valve

firstly : -

go to the scrappy and locate a solenoid valve on a mondeo TD, it is up in the passenger side scuttle tray by the windscreen, black cylinder with pipes comming out of it. remove it and put in pocket.
get the pipes with it.

secondly: -

fit the boost pipe T-piece in the boost pipe and fit dump valve.

3rdly: -

attach the wires to the microswitch on the normally open postition so that when the switch opens the circuit breaks and when the switch closes the circuit is made.

4thly: -

araldite the microswitch to the throttle stop, in a position so that the switch is fully closed when the car is idle-ing and it is open just off tick over. see below

5thly: -

secure the solenoid valve some where on the bulk head so it is out of the way, wire the microswitch to the solenoid.
the negative of the solenoid goes to earth and the positive goes to one side of the microswitch from the micro switch to the battery.

6thly: -

attach the rubber/silocon pipe to the T-peice that goes in the vacuum pipe and clamp it to the t-piece securely. cut the brake servo vacuum pipe and install the t-piece and clamp securely.see below

7thly: -

from the t-piece feed a pipe to the solenoid valve and from the solenoid valve to the dump valve - sorry no picture - will update later

8thly: -

make sure all connections are solid and good, check over wiring to make sure its all ok. make sure dump valve fitted securely - dont want it to exit stage left through bonnet do we.

go dumping folks!

if anyone has any queries just pm me and i will sort it, hopefully.

this guide is exacly what i have done and it works on my td, i will not be held responable for any damage on anyone elses car, if it does somehow affect the car.