View Full Version : 1.3 G-Reg Nova ?475ono

01-05-03, 10:44 AM
:grab: Grab this one while you can.....

I bought this car originally as a project car, but realised i could'nt afford to carry on with it. The car is :

1.3L 5dr
No T&T
Good Condition, only small patch of rust on drivers door
I've fitted a mesh grill and clr front indicators
I've also de-badged it and taken all the black rubbing strips off the sides

The car starts up first time, everytime and would be ideal for a project or as a first car.

I'm looking for about ?475 but i'm open to offers

:fist: nova_mad2002@hotmail.com :fist:

I've got some pics if anyones interested just E-Mail me...